Customer Reviews

To The Lucky People Who Will Have Kelly & Russ Take Care of Their Animal:

Kelly and Russ are a super sweet couple. They took great care of my cats ( I have 5!) for a week and everything went well. I had daily updates from them to keep my anxiety under control and at my return all the kitties were fine, well fed and happy. You know cats a really sensitive creatures and not so keen to meet strangers but Kelly and Russ have their way to be around them that keep them calm and not afraid. This is the key of a great cat sitter. They also took great care of my tortoise and fish. Their rates are very reasonable with a lot of extra included such as bringing the mail in, checking lights, watering plants. I cannot tell you how happy I am to have found them. These are truly honest and genuine people to keep. I highly recommend them.

Costa Mesa

Let me start by telling you about my cat Aspen…she’s an old, fat, diabetic cat with a mean disposition. A friend of mine actually gave her the nickname “E.V.K.” which stands for “Evil Kitty”. Some of her “evilness” includes: hissing at strangers as they walk into the house, swatting at people as they walk by her, and growling from across the room for no particular reason. Despite Aspen’s tendency towards evil we get along & I love her.

I described the temperament of my cat so you can completely understand how grateful I am that I found Kelly & Russ to take care of Aspen whenever I travel. You will recall that I mentioned that Aspen is diabetic which means that she requires not ONE but TWO shots of insulin a day to maintain her health. Not an easy task with any cat but especially one known for “evilness”.

I met Kelly & Russ about 5 years ago and I’m indebted to the care & love they give to Aspen. Russ & Kelly have been able to “win” Aspen over to the side of good during their visits & they get along fabulously. I can travel without concern for my cat & know that she is being well taken care of with love, attention, insulin, food, and an occasional toy.

Any animal & owner would be lucky to have Kelly & Russ share in the caretaking.


Tiffany T.



To Whom it May Concern;

A few years ago, I took a chance, and picked up Kelly Abram’s business card displayed @ my Veterinarians office. I found Kelly to be an excellent pet sitter for my cat “Molly”. Kelly was very professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and always “went the extra mile”. Not only did she lovingly care for my pet, but I always found my home cleaner than I left it, my mail waiting on the table, plants watered, and a little vase of flowers. I highly recommend Kelly.


  Shelly Beckel


Kelly is both an excellent pet sitter and house sitter.  We’ve hired her several times since we moved to OC and lost our former pet sitter, and our cat really seems to enjoy having her company.  The house is neat and everything has been taken care of according to plan when we get home.  She’s definitely someone you can trust when you hire her to pet sit or watch the house while you are gone.

     Carolyn R


Hi Everyone…This is hard for me because I am kind of shy.  When someone new comes in I hide behind the couch.  But Auntie Kelly took care of me for two weeks and pet me, fed me, gave me lots of love, and just spent lots of time with me.  She was wonderful.  She stayed here overnight and took care of all my friends outside and even fed that nasty outdoor cat (Cowboy)….hmm, I thought it was just me she likes, but I guess she likes all of us.  That just means she’s a better person than some.  Give her a call sometime–she’ll take good care of you too!

     Abby Cat

I have been using Kelly’s Cat Care since the business began in 2004 and could never ask for anyone better to take care of my cats. Both Kelly and Russ have a genuine love and care for their 4-legged clientele and I always feel completely confident that my cats will get the best care when I am out of town. I know they both spend quality time giving the cats affection, playing, grooming and just keeping them company. I always come home to a clean litter box, empty trash (from pet food cans), mail neatly stacked on the table and always a welcome home note and pet report if we haven’t e-mailed while I am gone. Kelly and Russ are definitely in the right business and I trust them completely to take of both my fur babies and my home to the highest standards.

  Pamela Austin

     Costa Mesa, Ca.


Kelly has taken care of my two kitties for many years, she is very reliable and trustworthy. Kelly spends extra time each visit keeping them company, grooming and playing with them. I feel I am leaving them in very capable hands when I am on long trips overseas. Kelly emails kitty updates to me while I’m away and it is comforting to know that she is keeping an eye on the house as well. She is a lovely, kind person and I would highly recommend her.

     Jane Polley



To Whom It Might Concern,

I am the owner of four indoor and one outdoor cats. I used Kelly to care for them an found her to be excellent in her job. They were fed, had water an litter boxes were clean. She fed an gave water to the Ferro cat outside also. She is bonded but anyone who meets her would know they do not  have a thing to worry about letting her into their home. She comply’s with the clients need an has no problem giving extra time an attention if she feels the cat or cats needs it. Her reputation is well know in the Orange County area for being extremely professional an caring person in her business.


  Janet Bogart